The Challenge

Voligoma, a Children's heritage product and brand in Argentina, got in touch with us to renovate its web site and reflect its spirit and image.

But, what attracts children who use their product? They themselves told us that kids nowadays are digital natives who are hyper connected and enjoy having to explore, share and take part in activities that keep them active and busy.

With these insights we crafted a look and feel that is up to date, modern, fun, with a focus on artistic free expression.

The Outcome

With that objective in mind we thought up a site with fluid forms and intensive colors, simulating surroundings filled with games with references within a sea of slime teasing paper figures.

At the same time we gave it life by animating the color spectrums using SVG where each node was located in space and time to generate fluid transactions in any device. On the mobile version we used the accelerometer on the device to give the “voligoma” or rubber ball giro movements in accordance with the movement of the device.

The product highlights first person use and offers the possibility to explore different activities thought for “voligoma” and its users.