Oliver Pets
Oliver Pets
Oliver Pets
“Thanks to the work you did, Oliver Pets seems like another company. Now it makes you want to buy, the platform gives you security.”
Gonzalo Sisack Novillo
CEO, Co-Founder
The Challenge

Oliver Pets is an online company specializing in the sale and delivery of pet products. Its CEO and CO Founder Gonzalo Novillo, has a true passion for animals and, with good reason, felt that his site did not transmit that deep connection.

The challenge was clear, how can we transform a purely transactional product to a platform that provides a comprehensive service for pets? We started with several workshops led by our strategy team where we understood their business in detail, they conveyed their vision to us, we discovered their wonderful customer service, we analyzed the competition and we chose a positioning.

Our Approach

The prototyping stage took several weeks, we knew that a product for pets can be purchased on any platform, so we thought of something different. We worked on the app and the website simultaneously.

The entire experience was specially designed for people who really consider their pets as part of their family. For this reason, the profile of the pets was worked with special dedication. We thought of many ideas to generate suggestions and recommendations not only for food, but also for health, physical activity, care, and more.

We devised flows to facilitate data upload and integrate innovative services throughout the shopping experience.

The Outcome

The platform design is beautiful, all the ideas were enhanced by a very careful aesthetic sense. Each piece was designed in a modular way and we built a complex design system to facilitate the development stage and future evolution of the platform.

The goal was to go from a 100% transactional product to a platform that provides the first comprehensive service for pets on the market. It gave us great satisfaction to achieve it.

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