Buying life insurance is not a joy ride, Are there any of your friends actually looking forward to it? We know there are none.

This project was a real challenge for ourselves. How do you communicate with people buying insurance? What are they looking for and how do we make this process as friendly and simple as possible?

We engaged with Lifefy from day one trying to answer these questions, and we came up with a concept that is jovial, easy, and with a cheerful personality, that makes you forget about the gritty nitty details out of the process.


Together with Lifefy experience team, we developed a new brand perspective, that leaves behind the techie image they had, and embraced a much more humane look.

We understand that in today’s world technology is everywhere and it’s not a differentiating factor anymore.People are looking for more humane and closer contact with the brands they choose.

The Outcome

More importantly, we were able to reduce the steps to getting insurance by 30%, and simplified the language to make it more easily understood. We hope this translates into more people buying life insurance from Lifefy, increasing their revenue.

From a technical standpoint, we developed a react application that communicates with Lifefy existing backend services and creates a seamless experience with great performance, it just looks and works like a mobile application.

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