The Challenge

Leos is a startup in the crypto industry that is looking to integrate people, engineers, developers and product managers into the crypto world in an easy and simple way.They came to us hoping we could help strategize a way for them to reach a specific target audience that values forward thinking companies and rewards them with tangible value.

The Process

The e-learning platform allows you to acquire theoretical knowledge and hands on experience as it rewards users when they complete courses and obtain certifications. Keeping this simple was part of the process.  We began exploring  the business and exploring current pain points  and discovered that motivation in any kind of learning activity, especially if it’s online, is very challenging. The process had to incorporate some kind of useful reward, apart from the obvious of receiving a certificate and of course a new skill. Part of the order was to seek a way to involve Crypto Currencies as a part of the business model. Why not give it as a reward?

So we developed a way for rewards to be given in tokens of different currencies that can eventually  grow in monetary value, thus making it very attractive. They are among the first in the “learn to earn” space, which, as we said before, rewards people while learning. This helped with the development of the platform as we knew it was the optimal way to create this motivational project a reality.

The Outcome

The difference Leos has with other learning platforms is that at the end of your course you keep something completely built on the blockchain particularly on stackOS.

Revolt designed the complete system, developed the usability, analysis and research for implementation and connection to crypto wallets for different blockchains and brokers.

This implementation of several design aspects of the project made the outcome a success. It gave the owners a world class competitive product that rivals any other in the field with Blockchain expertise and experience.

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