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Eats 2 Seats
Eats 2 Seats

The goal of EATS2SEATS is simple: to simplify the staffing operations of concession stands during sporting and musical events in stadiums and venues through a mobile platform. However, the way they were executing it wasn't as simple, involving too much manual work and coordination. In order to bring about a revolution in the staffing market, they needed a partner that could revolutionize their operational approach.

The Process

As part of our process, we initiated our PAS (Profit Architecture Suite) in collaboration with the EATS2SEATS team to identify its primary pain points, understand the company's strategy, and outline the roadmap. During these sessions, we discovered that their main challenges included the registration platform, the manual administrative processes they were using, and the cumbersome and time-consuming event management process.

The Outcome

The synergy between our team and the EATS2SEATS team not only enabled us to address the original scope but also led to the development of new functionalities that optimized our client's business operations. We tackled three main fronts:

  • We created a new website to facilitate seamless and automated onboarding.
  • On the internal side, we streamlined and automated administration by monitoring event information. We enhanced the event process by implementing check-ins and check-outs for staff attendance, which automated payments based on hours worked, entry and exit times, and attendance records.
  • Additionally, we designed an app for staff working at the stands, offering a more agile experience. This app enables staff to manage all aspects from a single platform. They can receive notifications for new events, confirm job assignments, and ensure efficient work, among other features. This significantly improved EATS2SEATS' ability to organize and optimize staff scheduling for events.

Through our collaborative efforts, we have achieved our goals and those of our partner. However, there is still a long journey ahead of us.

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