Modo Vacaciones
Modo Vacaciones
Modo Vacaciones
We were impressed with their ability to adapt, their out-of-the-box design style and customer service.
Daniela Miodowski
CEO of Modo Vacaciones
Context & Challenge

To understand the reason for Modo Vacaciones, we first have to explain the economic context in Argentina. The devaluation of the official currency against the dollar led the government to place obstacles on the outflow of foreign currency, one of these obstacles forces locals to pay 45% in taxes for consumption in dollars abroad or on foreign digital platforms. This government measure impacted vacation rentals through existing platforms, making it very expensive for locals, even for those who want to vacation within Argentina.

In this context, Modo Vacaciones emerged as an alternative with a clear differential compared to foreign platforms: it offers the possibility of paying in local currency and in installments.

Although the proposal is clear, the main challenge was to generate a brand that differentiates itself from the main players, and to build a fully functional platform before the Argentine holiday period.

Our Approach

The prototyping stage took several weeks, we knew that people where familiar with similar foreign platforms, so we needed to create something new but with a small adoption curve . We worked on the tenant and the owners interface simultaneously. We thought of many ideas to generate suggestions and property recommendations. We devised flows to facilitate data upload and integrate innovative services throughout the shopping experience.

The Outcome

The platform design is beautiful, all the ideas were enhanced by a very careful aesthetic sense. Each piece was designed in a modular way and we built a complex design system to facilitate the development stage and future evolution of the platform. At the end of the project, in Revolt we built a product that, from the first to the last contact, shows quality and premium character, without losing the trust of its customers.

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