The Challenge

Owning a Porsche it’s not just owning a car, it’s a lifestyle, an experience. And it should feel the same when buying accessories.

When Porsche Center asked us for a better way to promote and sell their Tequipment accessories we knew we needed to do something completely different, not a classic e-commerce site but a tailor made experience, something that reminds Porsche drivers why they bought the car in the first place.

Our Approach

After several interviews with Porsche owners, research and discovery sessions we came up with a dynamic sales channel that allowed users to upload a real life picture of their car and virtually try out various accessories, see how they fit with their car color and model, and buy them online with just the click of a button.

But, not satisfied with this, we included Machine Learning to analyze users’ choices, the accessories they tried out, what other drivers with similar models and colors bought, and with some knowledge gathered about them, the system recommends items according to their lifestyle.

The Outcome

Whenever people think of Porsche, they think about quality, engineering and design, so we set out to express the same values in this application. We’ve accomplished this via a respectful implementation of the brand guidelines, with user research and of course, great engineering.

We are very proud of what can be done using machine learning to help out brands and customers in getting what they need.

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