Grupo educación
Grupo educación
Grupo educación
“The most important thing is the process and the journey through which you took us to arrive at that deliverable that is the web page, but the deliverable was really much more than a page”
Jose F. Ortega
The Challenge

When José contacted us again, this time to develop the brand and website of his holding company, we were very happy. José is a guy with an extraordinary vision, he pushes us and we push him, in a relationship that helps both companies to create better.

Grupo Educación is a group of companies with a true passion for education, we talk about a passion that is breathed, lived, enjoyed. How could we reflect that passion in our design? That was our goal.

Our Approach

We organized different activities to take a journey of introspection, to translate the vision of the company, its values, what distinguishes them, its relationship with investors and with education into something concrete. And the journey led to a branding work that represents its essence, its history and its future.

Then the design of the site made its way, simple and powerful forms that connected the tradition of a family group with an important ethical presence, with the present, reflected in its conscious approach to its role in today's society and its great social responsibility.

As a framework for development we use Next and React, with Contentful as CMS for dynamic content.

The Outcome

We did such a deep work of understanding the business, that we detected that there were other business units that required their own platform, such as "Aprende Capital". So we brought those business units to life, and as a result, those business units started making profit.

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