Destefano 1913
Destefano 1913
Destefano 1913
The Challenge

De Stefano is an Argentine company created in 1913 by a family of the same name, and dedicated to the manufacturing and distribution of marble and granite throughout the country and the world.

Today, still managed by the same family that founded it, it faces the challenge of taking its website, its point of contact with different types of customers, to a superior place, where it reflects the great offering and multiple brands that it has, its ability to give quality to a construction project, and a close communication that has generated an extremely strong relationship with his clients.

The challenge was to be loyal to a company with such a great history, and such an active and important role in front of its many clients across the country while modernizing their platform.

Our Approach

How should we approach it? How could we maintain the closeness that has characterized them since their foundation, and at the same time show the extreme quality of their products and their brands? Are premium character and family treatment contradictory?

They contact us to answer those questions, and where there is a challenge, we will be there. Therefore, we focused on understanding exactly what these values ​​meant, and how we can build an experience accordingly.

We organized a strategy, design and development team focused on maintaining the great principles of the company's positioning: Quality, Innovation and Trust. These values would be reflected in each interaction, in each resource and design element, and in a development that ensures fluidity in the use of the product, with a CMS that enables customization of De Stefano's great offering.

The Outcome

After four months, and after a high-quality design work, a website was reached that allowed a customized use for the very dispar clients they have, from architects and big construction companies to first time home owners that want the best for their den.

In a space full of products of the highest level, each client would have their own tailor-made offer. Quality would be assured for everyone.

At the end of the project, in Revolt we built a product that, from the first to the last contact, shows quality and premium character, without losing the trust of its customers.

The question that led us to carry out this project was resolved. You can combine features that at first glance seem contradictory. The way to do it is through high performance work, just as we have done.

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