The Challenge

Durlock, a sheet panel and construction materials company, needed to improve the amount of sales inquiries in its “” platform.

To achieve this objective we had to incorporate user centered design techniques on their digital products. Our first challenge was to evaluate and improve the interaction and experience by the user on the product.

The Process

We faced many stages before acquiring the final result: Performed tests with real users to detect opportunities of improvement.

Benchmarking other solutions.

We proposed new wire flow, to improve the interaction based on the previous benchmark.

Developed a prototype and tested with its users.

Proposed the final improvements for feasibility and created a new “look & feel”.

The Outcome

We redesigned the landing page, simplifying communication and showing the real product characteristics adding interactivity to convey the idea.

We improved interaction by facilitating the selection of categories, choice of ambience and product characteristics to achieve an agile experience and growing the amount of product quotes into sales.

We improved the distributor experience with the objective to facilitate visualization and speed up the order process.

We developed a complete design system with all the components for its use in the development phase of the product.

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