February 2, 2023

Revolt, the digital product agency focused 100% on profitability.

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The agency is behind such successful projects as the dynamic e-commerce of the Porsche Center, in which its Tequipment accessories are being promoted and sold; or the transformation of the Argentinian newspaper Clarín, which went from being a free newspaper to becoming the largest subscription newspaper in Latin America.

Given the increase in a wide variety of proposals in the digital world, the ones that stand out are  the ones whose approach, in addition to being innovative, directly impacts one of the main objectives of companies today: profitability.

This is the case of the Argentinian digital agency Revolt, directed especially to startups and SMEs from different industries that are looking for services in which there is a highly differentiated added value, in order to produce a significant change within their businesses.

The idea of its creation emerged a few years ago in the minds of Franco Monsalvo and Federico Nicolás Braga, who initially founded the company. But it was not until 2020 and with the formal incorporation of Matías Fernández Beltrami, Rodrigo García and Ezequiel Corigliano, with whom they had worked on different projects, that the agency, as it is known today, finally materialized.

“We were born with the objective of being a boutique company, oriented towards building digital products that have a reason for being. We understand that in the market there are a lot of companies that make digital products because they can, because they are nice or striking, but they are not always aligned to business needs”, says the co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of Revolt, Franco Monsalvo.

The CTO of Revolt, having accumulated experience in different startups in areas such as advertising, technology, usability and design, says that “everyone was very clear that through creating a product there must be a need and a business objective that has to be built and achieved”.

In this regard, he adds: “Revolt was born to help companies build products that generate revenue, profits, that is our greatest differential with other types of agencies that are perhaps more creative or with software companies where the job is to charge for the hours of development and build the product that they ask you for”.

Profit architects

“The industry calls us a web design and development company, but we are Profit Architects”. This is how Revolt defines itself on its website, and it is precisely the concept under which they work with their clients, whom they consider partners.

Under the premise “we create digital products that last” and the “profit architecture” methodology, Revolt constantly seeks solutions to answer the question: how can companies create better products or services focusing on profit?

The creation of a website, an app or an e-commerce, all are digital products that Revolt develops; however, what changes is the approach. “The fact that you can build something does not mean that you are making a product that is relevant,” adds Monsalvo, while stressing that the job consists of “understanding each business well, the market context in which it is being managed and the levers that can be moved to generate profit”.

Case Studies

Revolt’s case studies are as varied as the experiences they have accumulated with customers. Among their work stands out the creation of the Porsche Center e-commerce, through which their accessories are being promoted and sold in a dynamic way. Virtual trials were also included in this sales channel so that buyers can know in advance how they can use the accessories in their vehicles, and machine learning was used to analyze users’ choices.

They are also behind the transformation of the Argentinian newspaper Clarín. “They hired us with a clear objective to install a paywall (a tool to attract readers and obtain income in exchange for content) that has 50,000 subscribers. We defined everything that was the experience and the different strategies to capture this number of users, and in two months, the number of subscribers that was projected for the year, was already covered; today Clarín has 500,000 subscribers”, explains Matías Fernández Beltrami, co-founder and CCO about this project that started in its beginnings and that has been continuously evolving.

The success of this development work is very significant, if one takes into account the great challenge for digital news platforms to change from a free model to a subscription model. Fernández even assures that today Clarín is ranked 10th on a global scale in terms of media with the largest number of subscribers.

This success story reflects the essence of Revolt from start to finish. The work was not only based on the technological development of the paywall, but also on everything that involved attracting and maintaining these users.

The success of companies like Revolt demonstrates that, in a context of economic recession and deceleration of income, today more than ever, companies need a business objective that allows them to be profitable and, especially, sustainable.

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