April 4, 2024

Revolt's digital CEO interviews - Richard Mendis

In this episode of the Digital CEO by Revolt, we talked about AI, Marketing, Human Resources and the tech Layoffs with Richard Mendis, CMO of Hirelogic, seasoned marketer, advisor, founder and board member in various startups.  Why is this talk so special for us? We've been working with Rich and his team at Hirelogic, and we know how much he has to share about the current and future state of AI. So go ahead and jump into this great talk!.


0:00 - Intro

1:37 - About Richard Mendis

2:21 - Rich’s vision on the use of AI in the HR market

4:15- How Hirelogic adapted to AI

5:51- Was Hirelogic prepared for AI taking over the markets?

07:01 - Using LLM models in HR interviews

09:46 - Rich’s vision on marketing and AI

11:40 - Would AI will change roles in job functions?

14:57 - Remote VS onsite jobs

16:32 - Richard’s vision on tech layoffs

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