January 2, 2023

Here’s Why Your Startup Needs a Tech Partner (Pt2)

First of all, the right technology partner is a guarantee that even inexperienced entrepreneurs can quickly and confidently build up a company they couldn’t even imagine.

On our previous post (link al post) we wrote about why startups need a technical partner, now, let’s move to our side and talk about what we can do for your startup:


Due to the limited budget, young companies should carefully consider when and to what extent it makes sense to outsource their IT tasks, in particular, the startup MVP development. However, under some circumstances, putting MVP in the hands of an external team is the right thing to do. The first case refers to the situation when your startup team has no tech co-founder/СTO, and has never built a tech solution before. That means that you have neither MVP-oriented vision nor a well-thought-out plan nor the ability to manage the development process skilfully.

However, simply having a tech-savvy manager on your team often doesn’t solve the problem. Building MVP for startups (as well as startup prototype development) often requires a team effort and if you don’t find developers who know how to get the job done, your project won’t be successful. You can set up your own startup development team, I guess, but recruiting is a tedious process. And your startup probably can’t afford to employ a full-time top-notch team.

At the same time, outsourcing complicated parts of your project sounds like a reasonable step. Experienced software developers will not only help you with your MVP but will evaluate your idea from multiple perspectives and identify the areas that might need improvement. Moreover, an efficient team will ensure that the process of MVP creation will be properly structured that will lead to the development of a strong codebase.


Many people believe that entrepreneurs can quickly build their startups without a single line of code. Yes, some well-known brands like Stripe or Groupon managed to start their business with 0 developers. Also, there are plenty of tools that can help you launch a project without technical skills. But at the end of the day, even the most holistic approach and the most sophisticated tools cannot replace a tech specialist.

If you are a startup, forming your own development team may be prohibitively expensive. Not all companies are up for the task when they are just at the MVP stage or simply want to fill the temporary labor gap. But the shortage of hands may be one of the biggest obstacles on the startups’ way to achieve the goals they pursue.

Let’s imagine that a project suddenly receives funding, and a developer is urgently needed, but nobody applies for the position. Or a startup may need a specialist in a very narrow field and simply can’t find such a high-class expert on the local market. Other startups may have temporary shortages in human resources, caused by holidays or unexpected events. As bad as it sounds, the recruitment can last for months, which can have severe consequences for the startup’s future. Is there a way out? Sure.

Do you have a startup or a winning idea? Give us a call, we will be pleased to be your tech partner!

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