The Challenge

WD40 was born as an anti-corrosion product for NASA's rockets that placed satellites into orbit, and it has become a widely recognized product sold in 176 markets around the world. Given such an iconic and significant product, our team had to bring forth all their expertise to develop an institutional website that does justice to this brand.

The Process

WD40 is known as the product with two thousand uses, so special attention was given to the information architecture since people may not be aware of all that this product can do. It was crucial for us, as well as for the client, that users could easily find what they were looking for. In terms of design, the aim was to showcase the product as technological, with a particular emphasis on the packaging to leverage its wide recognition.

The Outcome

Did you know that WD40 can be used to remove lipstick from fabrics and to remove adhesive from the skin?. Thanks to our work in strategy, design, and development, users of this product can now access these and 1998 more uses in an organized and easy manner. By designing and building a dynamic website focused on easy access to information and user tutorials, we have made it possible for users to explore the various applications of WD40 effectively.

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