LiquidOx Labs
The Challenge

LiquidOx is set to revolutionize how global investment is made, by using Web3 and NFTs to allow people to buy assets in several ETFs around the world.

With LiquidOx someone in the US would be able to buy tokens in an ETF for a cattle business in Japan, with the security offered by the blockchain and using an NFT as the contract. A contract that can easily be sold, moved and exchanged with anyone anywhere.

The Process

We designed a platform that makes it easy to search, browse and find investment opportunities for everyone, regardless of the country where they live, their investment knowledge and their net worth. This platform also provides learning opportunities where people can become a more sophisticated investor over time.

The Outcome

We have designed a platform that opens up opportunities that were only for a few before. We believe that democratizing the investment chances, while educating people will help the global economy. The journey has just started for LiquidOx, we hope it is a long and successful one.

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