October 17, 2023
People & Culture

Nurturing Culture in Challenging Times: A Journey Beyond the Obvious

In a world that's constantly evolving, where uncertainty and crises have become part of the norm, preserving and deepening our organizational culture can be harsh. However, for Revolt, a company grounded in values of excellence, creativity, courage, and curiosity, this challenge is not a deterrent, but an opportunity to shine brighter than ever.

Let's be clear; I won't offer clichéd advice like "stay agile in a crisis" or "embrace the challenge." Instead, I want to get to the root of the matter, share what has been working for us, and explore how we've managed to cultivate and even enrich our culture during these trying times.

Honesty and Transparency

Our commitment to transparency and honesty in communication has stood firm since day one. In a world of misinformation and hidden agendas, we've upheld these values, serving as pillars of trust among our team. Every month, we meet up for some real talk on the status of our company, encouraging questions and ideas.

Now, you don't have to take my word for it; let's hear from some of our “Revolters” about how our culture has impacted them during these challenging times.

Dai, one of our QA Testers, shares her perspective, "Every time we have team meetings, it significantly reduces uncertainty. Despite the less-than-ideal situation, clarity about our status, actions, and strategies makes it feel like a collective journey. We're not just spectators; we're active participants. Personally, having a safe space to discuss, share ideas, express opinions, and be heard is truly valuable”.

Seba, a Backend Team Lead, gives us his insight, “In big companies, I've seen poor communication in tough times. That breeds uncertainty, rumors, and office gossip. Trust relies on consistency. If we only hear good news and then face a challenge, we're unprepared, and trust is lost. People look for alternatives aggressively. Recovering means rebuilding a team. On the flip side, an informed and committed team lowers uncertainty. We're more likely to face challenges together”.

The Power of Curiosity

Our culture thrives on curiosity. Imagine this: if a team member walks in with a fresh idea, suggesting a new way to tackle something—what do we do? We don't just pat them on the back; we grab that idea, give it wings, and watch it soar. This isn't just talk; it's our way of turning curiosity into innovation.

Now, flip the coin. What if someone hesitates to share their idea because they fear it might fall on deaf ears? That's the kind of thing we avoid at all costs. We know that every missed idea is a missed opportunity. So, if curiosity is met with silence or indifference, it's not just that one idea that suffers; it's our entire culture that takes a hit. By actively encouraging every bit of curiosity that comes our way, we're not just fostering a culture—we're creating a hub of ideas.

Facing challenges

Let's talk about challenges, the kind that hit you unexpectedly. We don't treat them like roadblocks; they're more like puzzles to solve. Challenges are our chance to get creative, roll up our sleeves, and figure things out.

We're not the type to back away and courage isn't just a fancy word; it's what keeps us going when things get tough. It's about questioning the norm, trying new things, and not letting anything hold us back. When things get a bit blurry (and trust me, they do), courage is what brings us back on track.

Jose, from our Sales team, shares his take on business development: “Challenges are part of the journey. Whether negotiating with clients or collaborating, experience and patience are key. Sales demand a balance of persistence and finesse. Success is a marathon, not a sprint. It's this determined mindset that turns setbacks into steps toward growth on the road to lasting success”.

So, in these times, we're not avoiding the hard stuff. We're diving in, asking the tough questions, and sticking to what matters: creating profitable digital products, and enjoying the ride in what we do.

Blogpost written by: Belen Piñeyro, People & Culture Director at Revolt

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